Welcome to CrossFit Onslaught

Welcome to CrossFit Onslaught! 

The CrossFit Onslaught training methodology is unlike any other fitness program in existence. We offer several educational avenues to help our clients achieve peak health and fitness; from nutritional counseling to expert coaching on complex exercises – we provide the essential toolset for success. Our program combines the best movements from Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Metabolic Conditioning into a unique medley: inducing the highest level of physical expression possible.

SAFETY & PROPER FORM. Classes are taught in small, intimate groups. We fully invest our time and energy into each one of our students to ensure the best possible outcome is produced. With that said, our offering goes well beyond providing just an awesome workout. By coupling our facility’s dynamic equipment with the deep nutritional and movement knowledge of our coaches, we are able to provide an invaluable educational experience.

COMMUNITY & SUPPORT. Shortly after getting started, you will realize our experience is leaps and bounds above traditional corporate gyms. When have you ever belonged to a gym where everyone knew your name? Where you have a workout partner each time you walk through the door? Where you have friends cheering you on to the finish line during every workout session? Yeah, we got that for you and much, much more!

  • Women Only Fitness Bootcamp

    Ladies! Introducing The P10 Bootcamp


    Push Yourself Past Your Limits Surrounded by Supportive Women- Introducing The P10 protocol!  This Bootcamp serves up the perfect experience for the ladies that want the intensity driven results of CrossFit but are not sure about the heavy lifting. Classes will focus on workouts that combine heart-pounding cardio and muscle sculpting strength training, focusing on dumbbells, kettle bells and body weight movements. Workouts are done at high intensity and constantly varied to maximize body adaptation and GUARANTEE results!

    Classes are held Monday 10:00 am , Wednesday 9:30 am , Fri 9:30 am

    For more information or to register contact


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Workout Of The Day

  • 10/20/2014


    Back Squat 70%x3x12 @42x1

    5 ME Strict Pull Up Sets, rest 90" between sets


    100 Hardstyle Pushup for time


  • 10/17/2014



     For time 400M run

    Burpee broad jump 25m

    Walking Lunge 25m

    Burpee Broad Jump 25m

    Bear Crawl 25m

    Burpee Broad Jump 25m \

    Walking Lunge 25M

    Burpee Broad Jump 25m

    Bear Crawl 25m

    400M Run

  • 10/16/2014



    A. Bent Row 3x12 @41x1



    100 Double Under

    400 M Run

    10 Bodyblasters (burpee-pull up-knees-to-elbows)


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